Reignite the spark!

Take your financial advice team from just surviving, to thriving again.

Watch this video to find out why now is the time to light a fire under your team & get them enthused about the business again.


Unlock ideas.
Create solutions. 

At your very own IRL (in real life) team workshop, Peita facilitates a collaborative and fun day designed to unearth the ideas already hidden within the team, and bring them together behind a plan to take them beyond the struggle of the last 18 months.


This session includes what, where & how every team member can change their behaviours to tap into more bandwidth, and therefore reduce the pressure of the day to day workload.


Peita will facilitate energetic debates about the ideas the team come up with, posing challenging & thought provoking questions to maximise the progress you make!

Get everyone involved

Your personalised workshop will move your team past overwhelm & right into enthusiasm, getting buy-in & engagement across all levels of the business.

You're a work in progress.

Do great work, by always progressing.

The Reignite the Spark workshops are the best of both worlds - tailored to your unique challenges & phase of business, yet utilising a facilitator to allow the principal to actively participate in the brainstorming & discussion. Through out the day, Peita will provide you and your team with practical tools to enable you to run these sessions regularly in the future without her. These constant improvement techniques will take you and your team from just surviving to thriving again!

To maximise the value you receive from the day, the Reignite the Spark process includes:


Deep Dive conversation

A 60 minute virtual discussion with the principal, capturing the unique qualities & challenges you are facing in the business, and designing an agenda for your team day to suit.


A facilitated Team Workshop day

An ideal team day runs from about 9:30am to 4:30pm. The day includes some productivity training, however the majority of the time is spent bringing your team together to brainstorm, and then prioritising and planning to implement the ideas you unearth together.

You do have the option to include some other elements & training that makes sense for the day, however training fatigue is real so consider whether you really need to make the day longer. Peita will tailor the content according to what fits your team, and where the business is at right now.


Choice of 2 brainstorming approaches

As part of the day, you have the choice of two distinct approaches for the major team brainstorming session:

🔥 FIRE SEASON PLAN - involves discovering the fires or challenges that currently exist within the business. Peita utilises a democratic way of identifying the challenges the team face, to ensure one outspoken individual doesn't drown out the small challenge faced by every member of the team that could unlock far more capacity. The team then puts together a plan to put out those fires with deadlines & responsibilities allocated.


🚀 ENERGY BOOST PLAN - gets the team's imagination going, by posing to them a strategic question and getting them to brainstorm the possibilities in groups. Peita then brings them together & helps them prioritise the great ideas that are unearthed, along with putting together a plan to roll out the ideas with deadlines & responsibilities allocated. Questions posed could include "Imagine if we built a niche client experience from scratch?" or "Imagine if we took the business completely virtual?"


Optional add-on: The Imaginarium Build

Something for the team as individuals, that is also a wonderful team building exercise, The Imaginarium Build steps them through building a list of 50+ things they've always wanted to do in life, and teaches them how to turn them into real life adventures. This opens their eyes and their minds to all the wonderful opportunities out there, and while it starts in their personal lives, this skill or muscle invariably flows over into more creativity in their work. (approx 90 minutes in length)


Personalised resources landing page

Based on the agenda & ideas covered by your team during the workshop, Peita will collate a unique landing page for them including resources, tools and step by step guides on how to implement them.


Workshop feedback

Peita will also collate feedback from each team member on how they found the workshop, and additional ideas and suggestions each team member has to make future team days even more beneficial!


Post workshop checkin

Rolling out the plan can often encounter some early bumps, and these can be addressed in the 30 minute virtual team catchup with Peita in the 30 days following the workshop.



Where will the workshop be held?

Well that is down to you! While the workshop can be held in your office, there is often a benefit to going off site to both unleash the team's creativity & break them free of normal daily interruptions of email & inbound calls.

If you are looking to go off site, Peita can point you in the direction of possible workshop venues and ensure the venue includes all the requirements for a productive and fun day.

When will the workshop be held?

Peita has limited slots allocated for team workshops in November, December & January.

Some have already been filled, so if this is something you are keen to look into then be sure to register your interest and see whether a Reignite the Spark workshop is for you!

An ideal team day runs from about 9:30am to 4:30pm. You do have the option to include some other elements & training that makes sense for the day, however training fatigue is real so consider whether you really need to make the day longer. By finishing mid afternoon, also allows you the flexibility for team drinks after the workshop should you be so inclined.

How much does it cost?

The cost for Peita to facilitate your workshop is as follows:

Sydney CBD & Greater Sydney: $3,300 incl GST
Regional NSW: $
3,300 incl GST + accomodation
Interstate: $3,300 incl GST + accomodation + return airfare

The Imaginarium Build add-on: $550 incl GST (incl printed handouts for each attendee)

The price does not include catering or room hire.

Discounts apply for XY+ members & Boss Explorers.

Can there be more than 1 practice per workshop?

If you run a micro business (3 people or less) then Peita is happy to consider combining your workshop with another practice and splitting the price.

Is this only applicable to financial advice practices?

No! Peita has run workshops like this for marketing businesses, corporate sales teams, accounting practices & other professional services businesses. The key is that you have a team of up to 15 people, and are keen to run a fun & engaging brainstorming session to reignite the spark in your team.

What if there is a COVID lockdown?

In this new environment we've all got to be a little flexible, right? Once you've purchased a facilitated workshop, and it is then unable to go ahead due to a COVID lockdown, either for you locally, or for Peita in Sydney, then a new date will be selected once restrictions have eased.

Meet Peita D.

Utilising a background in Actuarial Studies combined with over 25 years in financial services, Peita has developed a keen interest in the science of Applied Innovation - the adoption of innovative business models, the development of innovative products and technologies and the engagement of the public in more innovative ways.  

Knowing that some of the best breakthroughs come from challenging conventional thinking, Peita encourages you to step away from the indoctrination of your current role, and use your imagination.

With an ethos of continuous improvement, Peita brings personal experience in the wins (and losses) to be found in the chase for more productivity, along with the understanding that success is measured by the actions we take following a session, not the lessons we learn in it.

You can find out more about Peita here.